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Thursday, 27 October 2011

MWA Cameroon Dilong Nsang's Official Designer, Reneta Ndisang. Her Message is Support African!

English: Cameroon designer Reneta Ndisang Speaks to the NEXDIM TV. Her message is Africans need to get more into African clothes. She was also the dress sponsor for Miss West Africa Cameroon show in August, and the dress sponsor for Miss West Africa Cameroon 2011, Dilong Nsand. Watch and enjoy. Reneta's Site

Francais: Cameroun concepteur Reneta Ndisang parle à la télé NEXDIM. Son message est-Africains ont besoin pour obtenir plus d'enfiler des vêtements africains. Elle était également le sponsor robe pour Miss West Afrique Cameroun Show en août, et le parrain robe pour Miss Ouest Afrique Cameroun 2011, Dilong Nsang. Regardez et appréciez. Site pour Reneta

Reneta Ndisang @ Miss West Africa Cameroun 2011
Portuguese: Camarões projetista Reneta Ndisang fala à TV NEXDIM. Sua mensagem está africanos precisam para obter mais em roupas Africano. Ela também foi o patrocinador do vestido de Miss Oeste África Camarões, em agosto, eo patrocinador vestido de Miss África Ocidental Camarões 2011, Dilong Nsand. Assistir e apreciar. Reneta Site

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  1. this is the biggest surprise in my life,thanks MWA team and God bless you all



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