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Monday, 20 April 2015

Watch Thioro Diop Get Interviewed By VRAIMAG

Our Miss West Africa Belguim 2013 lands herself an interview with Vraimag.
In the interview miss Thioro Diop talks about herself, being a queen and the various projects she has been handling.
 She elaborates more on the advantages and challenges as a queen and what motivates her to cope with all that. enjoy the video.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sao Tome: Carla Lima Makes An Extraordinary Appearance on TV Show Brevimente in TVS

Over the weekend, our beautiful Miss West Africa Sao Tome 2014, our youngest contestant this year, appeared on a TV show Brevimente in TVS. A young program for young produced at the Institute Of Youth. The there was a more than fun discussion with the hosts BuBu and Ney Love. But she was not the only Miss West Africa Queen to appear on This show. Read below.....

Nella Santo, Miss West Africa Sao Tome 2012 also made an appearance with her manager Massimo Buttiglieri. See below.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Video: Watch Miss Lauryn Hill Gives An Amazing Performance In Ghana

Over the weekend, Lauryn Hill performed a concert in Accra as part of the Afrobeats Big Festival. Ms. Hill had only performed in Africa twice before her first ever Ghanaian show — Ethiopia in 2005 and a concert at 2012’s Cape Town Jazz Festival that was unfortunately marred by sound issues (ed: as some commenters have noted, she’s also previously performed in Rwanda and Senegal).

We came across some fan footage from Lauryn Hill’s recent show in Ghana and, though the audio’s not the best throughout, it’s pretty clear this one was a booming affair. Watch a 6-minute fan recap of Lauryn Hill’s Accra concert, which features her live renditions of Fugees classics “Ready Or Not” and “Killing Me Softly,” as well as Miseducation staples like “Everything Is Everything.” Watch the footage below via Swit Salone.

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Watch the exciting Miss West Africa International IV - 2013, Cape Verde, Praia!

Below you can watch Miss West Africa International IV (2013), which took place in March, Cape Verde, Praia. The event was exciting and ecstatic. We thank all the girls who participated, supporters, guests, judges and organizers. Especially our current queen Hawa Kamara who respresented Sierra Leone well.

Despite the results shown, she proved, has proven and continue to prove she is a passionate title holder and we salute her, as we get ready for Miss West Africa International V (2014) in Nigeria. For now, watch the amazing queens below.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Watch Miss West Africa III - Banjul, Gambia 2013; The Crowning Of Vanny Reis

As we get ready to show to you, the amazing footage and crowning of our new beautiful queen, Miss West Africa IV, Maria Sawaneh who was crowned this year in Cape Verde, March 2013. We didn't think it would be appropriate to bring you that footage without showing to our dedicated fans the footage they missed and were dieing to see footage of the 2011 event.

This might seem like just another pageant, but it is a storm and whirlwind of great memories of some of the greatest people we've met in West Africa.

The delay of the footage came when Vox Africa UK had promised to showcase the event on TV in May 2012 with their recorded footage but never did nor outline why. Nevertheless we managed to get hold of more footage due to great contacts and videographers there on the night. We did our best to bring to you a nicely documentary of the event that took place and ensure you your countries and sheroes were well represented.

Congrats to every lady that took part, and congrats to all those that organised and help organised the event to make it a success. The road to discovering our Miss West Africa International queens has not been easy, it will never be. But every now and then, these beautiful pageants and their dedication to their country and heritage makes it worthwhile.

Thank You all. Video footage of Miss West Africa International IV (2013) coming up next on Miss West Africa TV. Exclusive footage of the exciting event that took place in Cape Verde 2013. Subscribe to our youtube channels and networks for instant updates. (For International crownings) (For all other Miss West Africa Videos)

Miss West Africa Belgium Speaks Against Critics Of The First Lady

LEUKSENEGAL.COM - The assessments on the look of the first Senegalese lady continue to go on. As we know, the dress she wore was not the most prefered in some circles of haute couture and fashion. Designers like Nabu Diagne were not easy on Marième Faye Sall especially with Barack Obama's visit to Senegal. "She dresses badly." This was the judgment against the first lady by Senegalese designer Nabu Diagne.

This opinion is not shared by the other representative of the Senegalese people, namely Thioro Diop newly crowned Miss West Africa Belgium 2013. On holiday in Senegal, she raised her voice to microphone of Leuksenegal and said "First I must say that this is the first time that we have a first lady of good Senegalese complexion to the palace of the republic. It is a pride for us, who values ​​of the essense Senegalese women. I think she has good reason to wear a traditional African outfit with the model of choice to highlight our own culture. She dresses well as first lady. It is her critics who fell off the plate. "

The Miss West Africa queen continues "One should not focus on such details to entertain us. We shouldn't waste time on such issues. Rather we should be concerned with things that take us forward.".


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Miss West Africa Italy Is Crowned!!! Ivory Coast Doubles Up With The Beautiful Ettien Bla Damienne

The world should watch out for Ettien Bla Damienne (Miss West Africa Italy 2013) from Ivory Coast as Italy storms Miss West Africa Iternational 2014. She was crowned yesternight - 25th May 2013.

This event was amazing with a double A. Fun, laughter, performances, joy, are just a few words to let you know what we experienced. But most importantly there is a Miss West Africa Italy 2013. And she is beautiful. And she has promised her organisers, she is coming for the Miss West Africa International crown. So get ready!!

For those who are new to Miss West Africa this is how it will work. Her victory in Italy solidifies to Ivorian competitors in the international giving Ivory Coast a greater chance of winning, just as Maria was the former Miss West Africa Germany.

We wish her all the best and goodluck with her activities in Italy and in the soon to come finals.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Miss West Africa USA 2012 Mitchell Rhuada Covers ADUNAGOW Magazine

One of the beauties, whom unfortunately could not make the international has hit big on the cover of ADUNAGOW Magazine. A very popular magazine in the diaspora featuring almost everything African. Check them out sometime.

Congratulations to Mitchell Rhuada.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Miss West Africa Sao Tome et Principe 2012 Sends Miss West Africa Ltd an Adoring Message

Nella Santo (Miss West Africa Sao Tome and Principe 2012) - "I realy want to thank the organization MWA International for a great opportunity to be in the final of this competition in Cape-Vert. It was a great experience in my life. I wish the organization many successes, continue always fighting for the promotion of women and Tourism around the World.".

And we say thank you for being a part of this. And thanks to all the queens past and present, win or no win, you have all contributed a great part of your lives to Miss West Africa, and also a great part of your culture and country. Everyday we learn so much about a whole new world, just by your involvement, and I am sure our fans do to.

Thank you Nella, thank you queens.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 5 In Cape Verde - Girls Head Of For TV Interviews

The stunning hotties representing various countries of West Africa had been making numerous rounds for the media, but we just had to catch this one for yourselves. They were featured on Cape Verde's biggest TV channel TCV. See them strut their stuff infront of International television making an appearance and interviews on Show da Manhã, at TCV Studios.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Miss West Africa International IV - Maria Sawaneh Is A Dream Come True

Our beautiful queen is just something isn't she? Maria's victory show the importance of supporting your country even if they compete in a foreign Miss West Africa. Maria's Gambian roots solidified twice the chance of Gambia carrying the crown.

This has now put a Miss West Africa crown in the hands of Gambia. Maria, formally Miss West Africa Germany 2012, has now been upgraded to Miss West Africa International IV, and now represents the whole of West Africa. We encourage you all to give her as much support as possible.

You can show her love here
Also for all other updates like our facebook page

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Miss West Africa International IV Highlights

Here is a quick video snippette of highlights of the Miss West Africa International queens during their stay in Cape Verde. Enjoy.


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