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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Our hopes go out to all those of Ivory Coast who are fighting to defend their democracy and independence. Before we begin, politics is a very dirty and confusion field where people are used as weapons by those with power. All we can say is that in this case we are experiencing a clear cut violation of independence, freedom, and humanitarian rights by the UN.

We hope the situation in Ivory Coast can really expose the UN for what it is and shed light to the fact if the United nations can be trusted in the Affairs of Africa or not.

After the elections the local authorities declared Laurent Gbagbo as the winner of the presidential elections in Ivory Coast. however a so called "independent" electoral body put in place by the UN later declared Ouattara as the winner.

Soon this video became public to the Ivorian community.....

However, the news and press release put out by the UN and France suggested otherwise and that Laurent Gbagbo's win was the fraudulent with. With the UN and France having domination of the international press and influenced the wider society. At this point Ouattara began his attempt of a military Coup De'tat to take over the presidential position. Their viscious activities was financed by the UN and France, and since then began the mass killings of innocent lives, whilst the majority of people believed this was an act of Gbagbo. But why would a president playing defence run out to kill people?

Below is Obamas input in which the interviewee spoke about.

And from the comments below on the Youtube page you can make a clear understanding of what the ivorians now think of Obama and the USA. Obama did not do his research, Gbagbos forces had called many times for a cease fire, and had accepted mediation by the UN, both with Ouattaras forces rejected.

Ivorians in Ivory Coast became very aware of the false propaganda being put around the world by France and the UN thanks to the likes of bloggers, facebook supporters, and youtube and began projecting their support for their elected president Gbagbo.

However Obama's call gave legitimacy to Ouattara and the French to make their way into committing the mass murders that have recently happened. Since then over 1,000 people have been killed, via burning and axes and bullets.

Now Ouattara is in the main capital along side the French blowing up schools, hospitals, houses, military camps alongside either the French or the UN army.

They are minutes away from siezing power. And minutes away from a monster who has no origin ties to the country and has contributed to the mass murder of over a 1000 people. Siezing power of Ivory Coast is a very serious message to Africa and all the celebrated 50th Independence Anniversaries. In the midst of Africa bearing so much wealth and Europe in a recession, the loss of Gbagbo will show us that when France, any other powerful nation wishes to force its way and take over an African country they will do it without the respect and intention of the people.

Currently, there are rumours Gbagbo is negotiating his departure from the presidential title at the mercy of the French. Without a strong stand of concern for our people we should quite asking why is Africa so rich and Africans so poor, the answer is in your failure to support the truth, because is our so called media chose to investigate the situation these atrocities and deaths would not have won support. A win to Gbagbo, who also has his flaws, although highly supported by the Ivorian, is a win for the people and a win for Africa. Even if he is removed the noise will rain, but our acceptance is our acceptance of beign exploited, abused, killed and raped off our so called independence and this is a prime example. Miss West Africa is not a political organisation, but we refuse to let 1,000 people die for one of the most incorrect scenarios without a statement. We will not go backwards, Africa will rise and even if Gbagbo is removed from power (which is set to take place today) at least we have a clearer understanding of what is going on.

God Bless Humanity and all supporters of Love of taking a stand for what is correct. We will try and update this page as much as possible so always feel free to refresh.


RECENT UPDATES: Update 05th April 2011, 6.47pm
Rumours on mainstream media claim Gbagbos minister of Affair is seeking refuge in the french embassy and has changed his stance and turned away his support from Gbagbo. Unfortunately, Gbagbos camp has reported this as lies, AND CLAIM, Alcide Djedje Gbagbo's minister of affairs, went to the french embassy on a mission to seek the immediate cessation of bombings by the French against Ivory Coast which has killed OVER 2307 civilian in one day. The Gbagbos camp claim France put this false information our to put pressure on him to come out and surrender to the French army.

RECENT UPDATES: Update 05th April 2011, 8.37pm
some news site in support of the UN and Ouattara claims from the UN camp state Gbagbo has been captured and has is presidential palace surrendered. They also claim he has began peace negotiations. News from Gbagbo supporters say this is a lie and an intention to relief the city of Ivory Coast from rebelling, they also claim it is an intention to reduce speculation and suspicions from the international community. Keep spreading the word. Here is an old video from Gbagbos daughter not to long ago.
Click here to watch, this video will only play if you have a facebook page.

RECENT UPDATES: Update 06th April 2011, 8.37pm
Yesterday's claims about the French Army and the UN finding Gbagbo and negotiating his departure are totally false. This was an intent to show to the international community that Gbagbo had surrendered is people even when he had not. They still have not found him. The French army continues to bomb hospitals, schools, and hotels, whilst the UN continues to put out false press to the rest of the world. If they found Gbagbo why is there not one picture showing the UN/French army alongside him. Yesterday around 7pm, he made an interview on radio saying if the people never chose Ouattara then he doesnt see why he should sign over his country to Ouattara, this is not part of their constitution. Since the French began their military attack over 2300 Ivorians died in the one day and more since. Russia has spoken out to denounce France's and the UN's activities, the AU (African Unity) has also come out to denounce them, and so has the South African president. France and the UN are in a race against time to kill Gbagbo before the international community turns their back on them and expose them for their war crimes. If you wish to hear Gbagbo radio interview on line watch this. But note you will need a french translator.

Click here to watch Gbagbos recent interview exposing the lies the french army gave that he sign negotiations to surrender Ivory Coast

Apparantly Gbagbos camp claim they only called in france to negotiate a cease fire between them and Ouattara, but they night the came into Ivory Coast they ignored their call for a cease fire, started bombing and killing over 2300 people in attempt to kill Gbagbo.


  1. Powerful post. Shame what is going on and such true words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

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