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Saturday, 10 March 2012

WOW!!! African Kings - Rois d'Afrique - Africano Reis

Between the years of 1988 and 1991, photographer Daniel Laine spent about 12 months on the African continent tracking down and photographing figures of royalty, and leaders of kingdoms. During this time he managed to photograph 70 monarchs and descendants of the great African dynasties with his work on this series.

Entre les années 1988 et 1991, le photographe Daniel Lainé a passé environ 12 mois sur le continent africain traquer et photographier les chiffres de la royauté, et les dirigeants des royaumes. Pendant ce temps, il a réussi à photographier 70 monarques et les descendants des grandes dynasties africaines avec son travail sur cette série

Entre os anos de 1988 e 1991, o fotógrafo Daniel Laine gastou cerca de 12 meses no continente Africano rastrear e fotografando figuras da realeza, e os líderes dos reinos. Durante este tempo ele conseguiu fotografar 70 monarcas e descendentes dos grandes dinastias africanas com seu trabalho nesta série.

Abubaka Sidiq – Sultan of Sokoto – Nigeria

el Hadji Mamadou Kabir Usman – Emir of Katsina – Nigeria

Bouba Abdoulaye – Sultan of Rey-Bouba – Cameroon

Aliyu Mustapha – Lamido of Adamawa – Nigeria

Agboli-Agbo Dedjlani – King of Abomey – Benin

Joseph Langanfin - Benin

Isienwenro James Iyoha Inneh – Ekegbian of Benin – Nigeria

Igwe Kenneth Nnaji Onyemaeke Orizu III – Obie Of Nnewi – Nigeria

Hapi – VI – King of Bana – Cameroon

Halidou Sali – Lamido of Bibemi – Cameroon

Oseadeeyo Addo Dankwa III – King of Akropong – Akuapem – Ghana

Oba Joseph Adekola Ogunoye – Olowo of Owo – Nigeria

Nyimi Kok Mmabiintosh III – King of Kuba – D. R. Congo

Ngie Kamga Joseph – Fon of Bandjun – Cameroon

Oni Of Ife - nigeria


  1. I am AWE-STRUCK!! The World from my small view has become smaller in mind sight by technology and telephones....yet these pictures reveal such a wealth of culture and nobility well hidden from americans like myself who consider themselves "world travelers", NOT!!! I am so very humbled...

    1. We agree with you a 100% it;s so captivating.



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