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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Video: Rick Ross raps with Nigerian Artists P-Square - Beautiful Onyinye (Review)

So here is the new video by P-Square featuring Rick Ross. We were going to blog this earlier in the day, then watched the video and thought, no we won't, then later we decided maybe we would but with an editors perspective. The final decision was mix of the fact we do love to support anything that takes African culture further but then to what extent.

By this, the issue is, Do we need more videos of men in Yachts with women walking around with champagne bottles and foreign designer wear? This is not what gave P-Square their international status, in fact the artist that protray this, real of false, are hardly even selling records. It is so early 90s, boring and played out. With the exception of the good music playing, the video was not entycing. in some way it actually felt worst than seeing this from the constructed hip hop culture, because here you are listening to the natural afro beats whilst seeing something that is so foreign.

most of those abroad have seen this a million times, the question is would this grab their interest, or would it have grabbed their interest more if being introduced to something new. In most of these cases the artists have very little say in the directing of the videos and are mainly musicians as far as the art goes. We wish P-Square all the best but if not them, we hope other emerging African musicians do not go down the long winded path of bringing foreign culture home, when instead should be taking African culture abroad such as the likes of Angelique Kidjo and more. Enjoy the video below. Also more good news, they are now signed onto Akon's record label Konvict music, another West African whom we are also proud of. Overall, great song with beautiful content.

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