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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Video: New Beauty Pageant....MISS MATHEMATICS & their contestants! (Cote D'Ivoire)

There are only a few beauty titles the Miss West Africa ltd organisation will go out of it's way to applaud, especially those that are passionate about their goals. Recently Miss West Africa ltd extended support to Miss Buy Ghana as we believed it had a title that stood for something which was the promotion of buying Ghanaian products made in and by Ghanaians. But today, we witnessed the launch of a very interesting beauty pageant, the name of this pageant is Miss Mathématiques (french for Miss Mathematics).

This great pageant puts young and beautiful girls aspiring to be senior figures on the community in educational competition which will be based on their mathematical knowledge. "We need female mathematicians, engineers, girls learned. Let us change this country. We are here to provide you with the compliments of the Minister Kandia Camara makes it a point to schooling and success of girls in school, "said Raoul Kone, one of the initiators.

The Committee of the contest, led by Mr. Hilaire Atindehou, plans to decentralize in order to facilitate access to a larger number of candidates. We must remember that the mathematical contest'' Miss'' is designed to motivate and encourage girls to move increasingly towards science series to take place in the scientific and technological development of Côte d'Ivoire.

This competition is a core business of SMCI, next Olympics Pan-African Mathematics (OPAM), mathematical Abidjan Symposium, School of Mathematics and Mathematical Week Abidjan. You can trust the will of Africa to continue to use pageants for the benefits of society. Miss West Africa will be more than honoured to meet the finalists for the extravagant event.

PS: Video below is in french.


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