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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sparkling Josette wants the crown for Cameroon!

Miss West Africa Cameroon has just sent us over these scintillating pictures from her recent shoot as she looks forward to her trip to Cape Verde next month. The 24 year queen is aiming for the top, has a degree in sociology and is currently a secretary at the George Washington University in Yaounde.

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  1. josette you are bringing the crown with no hitch, the crown has already been destined for Cameroon this 2013, the other competitors are merely escotting you to Cape Verde, and see you receive the beautiful worthy crown.your journey mercies have already been approved, and blessed by the almighty God.We are triuphantly waiting for you hilarious befitting welcome, that shall be celebrated all over Cameroon, on a decreed public holiday. We wish you the best of success 2013 Miss West Africa Cameroon 2013.



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