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Monday, 18 February 2013

Adriana Vaz Launches Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation

Miss West Africa Portugal Adriana Vaz has been busy getting involved in the campaign against female genital mutilation, and here she tells us what she has been doing to help the cause.

'On Saturday February 9th I attended the launch in of the campaign against female genital mutilation alongside the Association Morabeza in order to raise awareness of the reality and consequences of female genital excision. The campaign is intended to raise awareness and alert the general public to the harmful consequences of this practice that affects mainly girls between five and ten years of age who are helpless and have no opportunity for choice. I want to publicise this inhuman practice which 180,000 girls are at risk of being exposed to each year according to Amnesty International, and which has great prevalence on the African continent, including some countries in our West Africa. We must pass on this message for a Better Society!'

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