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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Watch Miss West Africa III - Banjul, Gambia 2013; The Crowning Of Vanny Reis

As we get ready to show to you, the amazing footage and crowning of our new beautiful queen, Miss West Africa IV, Maria Sawaneh who was crowned this year in Cape Verde, March 2013. We didn't think it would be appropriate to bring you that footage without showing to our dedicated fans the footage they missed and were dieing to see footage of the 2011 event.

This might seem like just another pageant, but it is a storm and whirlwind of great memories of some of the greatest people we've met in West Africa.

The delay of the footage came when Vox Africa UK had promised to showcase the event on TV in May 2012 with their recorded footage but never did nor outline why. Nevertheless we managed to get hold of more footage due to great contacts and videographers there on the night. We did our best to bring to you a nicely documentary of the event that took place and ensure you your countries and sheroes were well represented.

Congrats to every lady that took part, and congrats to all those that organised and help organised the event to make it a success. The road to discovering our Miss West Africa International queens has not been easy, it will never be. But every now and then, these beautiful pageants and their dedication to their country and heritage makes it worthwhile.

Thank You all. Video footage of Miss West Africa International IV (2013) coming up next on Miss West Africa TV. Exclusive footage of the exciting event that took place in Cape Verde 2013. Subscribe to our youtube channels and networks for instant updates. (For International crownings) (For all other Miss West Africa Videos)

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