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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Our International Queen is Set to Launch an Agency and It's All Over Cabo Verde Press

Vanny Reis is living the life of a Cape Verdean celebrity. The young 26 year old ex model has presented many awards at Cape Verdean events, but if you think this is what makes her a top name in Cape Verde let’s recap. She lived her life as a professional and international model constantly doing run way shows around the world travelling to Angola, Guinea Bissau, Portugal, Brazil and more.
She has front covered 4 magazines, voted 2nd best Cape Verdean woman by the Cape Verde people where she come 2nd to Cesaria Evora, who passed away shortly after winning. She recently won in 2011 the Miss West Africa International 2011/12 beauty queen title at the peak of her modelling career, from there on being a regular invited guest of the Cape Verdean first lady and president to almost every major function in Cape Verde.
Ontop of that, she a vegeterian gym instructor with her own fitness classes, she is a school teacher, the host and co-planner for Elite Model Look in Cape Verde and another TV show, and manages the charity for the elderly, WE DO CARE.
Just when you think she can’t do any more, she gears up to establish a modelling agency in Cape Verde to assist aspiring models in her country. Did you just say WOW?

Why is Vaiss a project to watch out for and why are we interested? Over the years I participated in 2 activities in Cape Verde myself. And what I can say is Cape Verdeans pride themselves on having the most beautiful women in Africa. Like really, they don’t play with that part of their pride. For example, for example Ivory Coast pride the music and dance, Nigeria prides on the best economy in Africa, their music and movies, Ghanaians got football, Kente and a peaceful country, Cape Verde also prides themselves on having a peaceful and great tourist spot, but when it comes to the pride of their women, they do not play. And I won’t argue so much with that based on what I’ve seen.
If they are right as they believe, we are really looking forward to seeing some of the talent that will spring up from Vaiss Models. For now, enjoy some Vanny Reis fan pictures below. Courtesy of Miss West Africa ltd.

Vanny Reis with Cape Verdean President

Vanny Reis with Clients of Her Charity; WeDoCare

Vanny Reis at her Health Fitness Class

  Taken from Fashion Ghana

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