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Thursday, 19 July 2012

The First Miss West Africa Queen for 2012 is.........

Nella Santos. As shown below, Nella was in a very heated Miss West Africa Sao Tome et Principe 2012 voting competition against Ivanilda. It was a competition where every night one will exceed past the other and the next night could be different. The participation of votes was so much and so rapid, with each of the girls gaining over 400 votes in a couple of days, the organisers decided to change to facebook picture likes where the participation of voters could actually be seen. At the end, Nella came out victorious with a 232 vote lead.

Thanks all those that engaged in the votes, and also Ivanilda the strong competitor who will now also represent Sao Tome in other competitions. Nella is now officially featured on the . She will be one out of 24 queens, scheduled to compete in the up and coming Miss West Africa International 2012. Already Miss West Africa organisers are sizing up their competition and now ensuring they get a better candidate.

Background on Nella, she is a 26 year old aspiring model, she is the organiser for Miss CPLP, also will be a judge at Miss Sao Tome et Principe UK 2012. We hope like all the other queens, the Miss West Africa crown and organisation can help Nella raise tourism and acknowledgement of West African charities where ever she goes. Very soon we will present to you her Miss West Africa Sao Tome et Principe 2012 pictures.

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