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Monday, 27 February 2012

Ghana's Top Model Arrested in Connection with Armed Robber Boyfriend

A model, Felivian Ayariga was on Saturday arrested in connection with her boyfriend, Rabiu, Accra’s most wanted armed robber, who was killed in a shoot-out at Ogbojo, near Madina in Accra on Friday.

Rabiu aka Rabba, one of the deceased robbers, and his accomplices are said to be responsible for most armed robberies within Accra and Tema.

The other, Simon Peter, aged about 30, has been identified as the one who shot and killed the Tema cop.

The 26-year-old model from Exopa Modeling Agency (pictured), also known as Dion, is seen on huge billboard around the country advertising for a popular fabric maker. She was detained at the female cells of the Ministries Police Station after her arrest by the Accra Regional Police Command to help them in their investigations on her deceased lover’s escapades. Two ladies aged about 18 years, who were also allegedly dating the notorious armed robber, were also arrested and granted bail after interrogations. While one of the girls was in JHS 1, the other was s second year student of one of the Senior High Schools in Accra.

Felivian’s arrest followed the death of her boyfriend in a bid to recover most of the stolen items from their robbery expeditions, of which the police believed she was a beneficiary. This was not the first time Felivian had been arrested. Three weeks ago, she was picked up and detained at Anyaa but failed to cooperate with the police under the guise of being a former girlfriend of Rabiu.

How Rabiu was caught. A source of daily Ghana said the robbers, after killing the policeman in the Tema bank robbery, bolted and hid their weapons in the garden of somebody’s private property. The police had a tip-off and went for the weapons. When the robbers returned in the hope of recovering their weapons and could not find it, they planned to attack the owner of the house who is a Nigerian.

Police had a hint about the robbers’ intended plan to attack the Nigerian and quickly laid ambush in the said house. The operation, according to the police, would have led to the death of another officer who was surrounded by the three robbers. The police officer sustained a little bruise on the left side of his trunk and he is not in danger. The bodies of the men have since been deposited at the morgue of the Police Hospital.

It's a shame to see such talent like Felivian, which our team at Miss West Africa is familiar with. She was a very opened character whom was always welcoming in the development and guidance of new aspiring models. Nevertheless, a crime is a crime, especially that involving the deaths and killings of others, and we hope what ever results and conclusion derrive from this horrible news. It will be the right one. On another note, we would like to thank the Ghana armed forces, for putting their lives at risk to protect Ghanaians, despite the little 5 or 10GHC they might collect off you if you cross a red light.

Source: Peace FM/Rocklyn Antonio/Daily Guide

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