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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Once again we would like to remind everyone that Miss West Africa is not a political organisation anyway, the views expressed in this statement are not the views of the queens nor the local organisers, but a side of information from independent, and mainstream media and the journalist signatured below that is currently being neglected due to high numbers of media quickly embracing all propaganda put out by France and the UN. Most of the mainstream media in Africa and media in Europe are all quick to reprint the same stories of inconsistency in regards to the character of Laurent Gbagbo, the Assassin Allasane Ouattara, and the French and UN army who are heavily engaged in this was to it is only right their press releases will be biased.

Usa Journalist expose the truth

Some Africans have celebrated Gbagbos capture, some even calling for his death of facebook statuses and many claiming this should be a lesson for other African presidents. I will not blame them, one of my colleagues has totally and emotionally changed due to his capture and she is consistently worried, just about a week ago she was in full support of Ouattara until she caught on to the activities of France, UN and Ouattara, activities that have been proven of their violent attacks on the people of Ivory Coast. That is a stage which is unnecessary to repeat in this write up if you didn't follow then. This write up is to keep people updated and relative activities since Gbagbos capture. It is not to say all the reports on mainstream tv and media is false, that would be totally stupid, however, it is to point out how it is being reported and the false information combined with their reports to gain the support for the removal of Gbagbo.

UN, France and Ouattaras camp claimed Ouattaras forces captured Gbagbo, news from the Gbagbo camp claimed he surrendered as he wanted the violence against the Ivorian people to stop and despite him surrendering he and his family were brutally mishandled as if he was caught against his will. What happens when the army of the highly supported presidents are worn out? The people who had been defending Gbagbo throughout this whole period were not soldiers they were locals and natives with no heavy artillery who gathered around his palace, these are the people France and the UN were bombing as well as schools, houses, and various parts of Abijan, the capital, and this is the very reason Gbagbo surrendered, for their well being as their villages and town were being pillaged. On the surrender France had Ouattaras men deal with the capture, the UN put out media that they were treated humane in the capture. Proof below shows otherwise, Gbagbos son bleeding whilst being brutally hit on the head, women apparantly being molested by Ouattaras soldiers and a picture below showing one heavily beaten.

How they responded to Gbagbos surrender (Gbagbo surrendered to stop the violence against the people of Ivory Coast) the UN reports said they were carefully removed. This is the footage the UN forget to include. They guy with blood on his back is Gbagbos son.

Abused Jean-Jacques Béchio, adviser to Gbagbo

A woman physically abused and molested by Ouattaras thugs

Ouattaras activities is against the consititution of Ivory Coast and no matter if he ceases power, in the name of Ivory Coast he will remain a war criminal, not by my thoughts but the constitution, they need Gbagbo to sign over the presidency in order for Ouattara to legitimately be the president. Surely if Ouattara won the elections fair and square Gbagbo is not needed to sign any papers. They have given Gbagbo many many offers to surrender Ivory Coast over to Ouattara, in a previous french interview he said he is not doing this for him, and there is no way he will give the country over to someone who did not win the election because it is not the will of the people. This is the man whom France, the UN and Ouattara wants you to believe is a coward clinging on to power.

Gbagbo was offered to be a university lecturer in attempt to make him sign over Ivory Coast to Ouattara after his capture after brutal beatings and he refused, they also offered 30% of his own cabinet to work alongside the murderer Ouattara which he also refused (report by CNN ). Since, Desire Tagro, his interior minister, has mysteriously died the reasons apparantly remain unclear (In French ).

In the video below, in the car is Desire Tagro, Gbagbos interior minister, with his shirt blooded and half his face off. Yet in that glimpse the camera catches, his only wish is that you see the truth. He is now dead in the hand of Ouattaras men supported by France. How can we look at this regime of genuine African leaders and claim they are selfish individuals clinging to power.

Due to the Ivorian people rebelling against the UN, France and Ouattara and their intentions to free Gbagbo, and with all the media covering the truth, Outtaras men have decided to take Gbagbo to the north of Ivory Coast where a small number of muslim communities had shown support for Ouattara during the presidnetial run off. This is to iscolate Gbagbo from the support of the people. Nudity of Gbagbo's wife has been exposed, the counsellor and chief of staff Alcide Djédjé Marie-josée Bouré was raped, and mutilated before being executed by Ouattaras men (in french ).

Moroccans at a football match on the 10th of April

Ghanaians burn a french flag in support of Gbagbo

Ghana: Réactions après le kidnapping français du... by Nzwamba

This is the work of France and the UN, and the man Ouattara, whom some Africans are happy to be in power because they have no clue of what is going on in Ivory Coast. As Inhof said below, this is an example of what will and can happen to any other African country that thinks it is time to celebrate, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, you name it. Why is France so engaged? We are talking about a country in a whole continent in the midst of their recession, whilst Africa is flourishing with wealth, the only way they will survive out of this is more activities around the world such as what is happening in Ivory Coast, by criminalising independent leaders and waging war on them, or funding neo colonial (puppet leaders) whom will then get rich personally over transfering the nations wealth and resources over to their colonial country. However, the only way they will and can get away with it is be false propaganda and information covering the abuse of African lives, and the only way we can combat it is to promote the truth.

Can you believe how a man has been made to look like a parasite due to standing for his people? Why would a president be the instigator of killing if he already has the thrown. In the video below, France/UN play a heavy role is innitiating Gbagbos capture only to pretend with a false press release that Ouattaras cowardly thugs were capable of achieving this themselves.

The boys at the end are not soldiers as they would wish you to believe but locals that decided not to run but to defend their chosen president.

Ouattaras men can now rape and axe your daughter to death because France wants Cocoa. You can either stay silent or post the videos or this blog on any forurm you wish depending and the type of person you are. The cowardly AU, and all the other cowardly African presidents are only now beginning to voice their opinions, but lets see if they amount to anything. This is not about winning or losing, its about understanding who your African presidents are and what happens when they obey the will of the African people. With Gbagbo now taken to the north, there is no clue what will happen to him or the extent of torture he will be taken through to sign over the presidency. So from here on we can not say we do not have good African leaders, we can look at ourselves and ask if our leaders have good African followers. The question is where ever they take him, would he give up the African people, or would they fabricate a false signature claiming he signed over the presidency. All this human torture for the neo colonial wealth of France.

Inhof addresses the president again (must see)

Please note we will not continue to put any further information about this matter on the the Miss West Africa blog, if you wish to find out more information you can also like the facebook page where links to related media is given or . If you do not speak french you should be able to understand with the help of google translate|en. Hopefully you can join us in saying shame to the cowardly AU for having the world acknowledge this and stand up against it before they did. All of this has been done because they believe Africans are unimportant and this crime will go unheard of and blow in the wind, lets tell the French, sorry but not this year, and not in our blood!

Here is just one of many images of the result of the French/UN bombings from our last post.

Thanks for reading
Nana Tamakloe

And by the way, president Obama endorsed this masacre, I would just like to say to you, Gbagbo dances better than you and the Ellen Show.

Ouattara soldiers (who were supported by France and the UN) whip civilians in public

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