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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


"As Miss West Africa, and behalf of the Miss West Africa ltd international organisation, I will love to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope you all take this moment to enjoy yourselves and enjoy every fortunate aspect of your lives, but even more so please be considerate of those less fortunate than yourself whether you are in the dry season orthe cold winter season, and if it doesn't hurt, please do give a little whenever and however you can, be it a charity or struggling beggar.

Let's end this year with blessings for Africa and begin the new year with resolutions that promise a great future for the whole of Africa. In saying this I would really like to wish peace upon the people of Cote D'Ivoire and hope the true president of the Ivorian people's choice reigns, as opposed to the unwanted imposed powers. Let's all bring light to this issue and read between the lines in every story presented in the media and unite our concerns around their well being despite the language barriers. Have a great new year and Happy Holidays, and remember always stay positive and optmistic"

Shireen Benjamin (Miss West Africa 2009 & 2010)
PS. Feel free to share your xmas wishes and thoughts but political debates and arguments will be removed by the organisers, thanks for reading. Enjoy

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